#RANDOM / / / Blur is the New Future

Friday, 11 May 2018

The future blur and full or fear.


Through the conversation at the end of the gelato talking, the question was so innocent, yet the three of us remained in silence for a couple of seconds.

"Do you have a plan for your future? What do you want to achieve in your life?"

He asked her with a very timid voice yet determined to know the answer. He might get lost in his track, and just merely asked her advice. But the question was like a needle, poking her in the spot she didn't want to bother just at that moment. The boy, next to her, was in silent. The girl, next to the one who threw the question, me myself, was also, indeed, in silent.

Seconds tickled and there, I found my self-reflects on what I'd done for a couple of years after the graduation day. Where am I now? Where do I want to go?

"But, you, you seem like you know what you do. Somehow I believe that you know what you want and how to get it." He was pointing at me, with those statements, just before I could recall everything or collect my answers. That was prejudice, but I couldn't deny his remarks. 

It seemed that at that moment [I wish] I knew what I want to do, and indeed, somehow, I believe that I knew what I want to do. The universe converse and I am just merely doing my best to follow my gut and keep walking in the direction of the day after tomorrow. And just like that, my heart recites those words, over and over again, 'till the universe heard it and compromise with me.

"I just want to be happy with everything I do for the living." She said, finally, with uncertainty in her voice. And the boy next to her was deep in thought I wondered what comes to his mind.


But are you happy now?

#ARCHITECTURE / / / Muffled-Crap-Talk

Monday, 7 May 2018

The ongoing project was still in progress, in the time I landed in the town. Miles and days passed without any significant changes, yet, they still didn't know what is the material for the flooring even though I'd sent the patterns & details to the stone factory. What a shame!

Just a couple minutes walk to the nearby previous project, the very same owner wanted to expand the front cafe. I just stood there, gawking at the discussion of the demolition of the old wall and how to strengthen the original structures. A mere stupid discussion. Which suppose to be manageable if I could propose the original renovation at the beginning without any interruption of the idea.

Drawings, the Built, and the Unbuilt
Architects may not be so proud of themselves, just because of the small attentions and publicity to the world reveals what might they've done, the all high and genius idea of a material ensembling done by the dirty-hand workers to create a space or rather a shell where people as the user, inhabit and metamorphose the spirit inside. But, the idea is just an idea, a mind contemplation, nor a material property. When the idea is turned into a drawing to be materialized by the third-party, will it be as perfect as the idea in the architect's mind?

The Moment of Compromise
The construction site is a battle between the idealist Architect, the practical Contractor, and the economic Owner. At the point when the money talks, the idea is nothing, rather than a crumpled paper which only occasionally is being opened by the contractor, yet still, they will really like to improvise unsupervised time to time. In that time, I would rather be silent, point out the so-human-made mistakes and stupid irritating unsmooth homogeneous tile which looks so cheap than its original already-cheap price.

Space and the Spirit inside
When the building was done, and people began occupying the space inside-outside, the dynamic of the spirit of the building changed along the rhythmical activities. People went in and out, uncounted, brought the different vibes, and space grew. The building was just like a shell of crustaceans, it might be anything any-form people called it and acted on it. Just like how the owner wanted to expand the front house business with a new additional coffee shop and bakery.

And just like that, the architects don't have any control after years, of the handed drawings and the built projects, anymore.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Lamunan diantara kapas-kapas beterbangan,
dan lembayung,
Peraduan yang jauh

Esok yang nyata kembali
dan kebahagiaan yang fana kita cari,
sekali lagi


Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Not like the first day of January, days lately are being such a moody teenager. Gloomy and randomly raining. And it is not so convenient. After Cempaka cyclone hit Yogyakarta in the end of November 2017, which caused a kind of catastrophic situation in my hometown, my friend told me about this web, which I think it kinda cool. Windy. Most likely other weather forecasts, it has the most real animated view of what's going on in the atmosphere above us. I mean, you don't just read what will happen next weekend, but you can experience powerful presentation, the temperature changes, rain and wind movement, even the sea currents. It has different kind of layer which we can choose. Simply just swiping or clicking the button's icon, and the forecast will change according to what you want to see, the height and also you can zoom in, very accurate maps btw. Even they also have the layer for paragliding and air sports spots! Fantastic. Not really surprised that this web and its apps -yes why of course, this Windy is available on app-store for both android user nor iPhone user- are very popular and trusted by pilots, boaters, fisherman, especially for storm chasers and weather geeks.


For my self, I really like the dramatic change which occurs when the storm is coming. It is like a drawing, or rather a painting, temporary painting or living painting. It is like seeing clouds changes by the wind or ocean waves crush the bay over and over again. Hypnotizing and kind of beautiful, endless loop. Anyway. As you can see 2 GIF pictures I made above. The first one is the next 10 days prediction of the forecast. The redder the area, there are likely more chance to rain in that area. And the second picture is showing how the wind and rain may occur for the next 7 days.

It is likely that we may encounter heavy rain in Jogja for the rest of the weekend. So, don't forget to bring your coats and wear your boots, I've warned you. But, don't worry. It's not likely the weather won't change. Just prying for a sunny weekend, fellas! Or, just download the apps and install it on your mobile phone to watch the forecast's going.