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Monday, 21 May 2012

'I love you, since I don't know. 
When I think why I love you, I never find any reason, any logic reason. 
It is just like, loving you is the right thing that I ever know.'

The idea of this work just come by sudden, when my friend talked to my other friend but he didn't hear him.  It just come to my mind to make it, how about loving person but I can't told him? How about if I try many thing but he never look at me? How about if I told him but he still don't understand?

And, this is it! Actually, i drew this one in two piece of paper and I merged it in Photoshop. And voila, this is it! I really enjoy everysteps, start from gained the idea and then sketched it in the piece of paper in the middle of the class, until finally I drew it in the paper (hawaii paper) and coloured it by markers and water colour. I love this one! hahahahahaha

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